Friday, May 30, 2014

Ok, been real sporadic and inconsisitant around here. Life is, uhhh, hard sometimes.

My mom was diagnosed with lung, liver, bone and lymph cancer. She started chemo this week. The doctor is hopeful, but we are in for a rough ride as this chem is a stronger chemical than the last time she had treatment.

My dad goes in two weeks for back surgery.

Hubby has a mole on his leg that changed colors and so is having it removed the week after dad's surgery.

My brother (who lives 8 hours away) had to see my parents to knwo they were ok. He is visiting. Always a delightful, though busy time.

My brother still intends to come visit with his wife and kids in a couple of weeks, too.

My nephew is spposed to be here to visit this week end. I get to meet his fiance:-)

Hubby, Mom, and two of my kids have bad coughs that just won't go away. Now I'm starting to cough too.

And there's more I don't want to go into.

Oh, and I hate facebooks new programs.

So, blah. Nothing's consistent and I'm happy if I can keep one day ahead of another.

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