Friday, May 02, 2014

Thoughts and Ramblings on Natural Medicines.

I've been studying herbs for some time. I am whole-heartedly convinced that in most cases they are better than "normal medicines" (the proper term is "allopathic.")

I have tried a couple of homeopathic medicines too. Not nearly convinced on these, but my research says they can't do any harm. I must say, they have had great success, but I have this nagging suspecion that that success is due a whole lot more to the placebo affect than anything else. Still, as Hubby says, if it works does it matter why?

Lately I have tried essential oils, also. Again some success.

But the fact is that there is just no the scientific support for essential oils and homeopathic meds as there is for herbals, herbals are more natural (read that: God Made), and I can grow them myself, aiding my goal of self sufficiency.

So where do I go from here?

I think I will replace the HO that we have used up and keep them on hand.
I will probably keep the EO's on hand too, at least a few of them.
But maybe I need to really set down and learn to make tinctures (buying them in quantities large enough for my family is too expensive. I once bought a bottle of tincture that cost more than $10....and used the entire thing in one sitting while treating a family-wide flu. Yeah, that ain't happening.)

So how do I proceed? I have a number of dried herbs on hand. Do I just go in and get them all going as tinctures? Well, after a run to the store since we are teetotalers and don't happen to have that much vodka on hand! :-D (Yep, and that will be the one time I run into someone I am trying to get to go to church, when I have a cart full of vodka, lol.)

Or do I just make up what I think I actually need in the near future? Well not so near. It takes six weeks to make a tincture.

Hmmmm. the more I think about it the more it seems the way to go would be to just make up everything I already have on hand so I have it when I need it.

I can do the same with oils, actually.

I did make up some arnica oil a while back to use on Hubby. Turns out I'm using it more on me. My hands have been falling asleep during the night. The arnica oil does seem to reduce this.

Anyway, if you hear rumors of me having a drinking problem, you'll know I just went out and bought what I need for my tinctures:-)

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