Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's Your Threat: Rising Food Prices

What's Your Threat: Rising Food Prices

I would love to have a self sufficient farm, but God has put us where this is difficult at best. We own 1 1/3 acres of rocks held together with sagebrush and clay. Our gardens have nearly all been and exercise in feeding the sparrows, quail, jack rabbits and mustangs (!). Our fruit trees only produce about every third year. We have to buy 99% of the feed for any meat animals we get (though the chickens and dog do well on our table leftovers. We do keep commercial feed out for both, but they don't eat much of it.)

Our biggest likely disaster here is wild fire (not "forest fire" as there are no trees, but cheat grass burns fast and far). Other than that, earthquake or even fall out from Mammoth blowing are remote possibilities. But everyone would be affected by a general shut down of the food system. And if electricity goes out we have no water (we have a well).

So what to do? We are trying to get self sufficient rabbits going, but feed's hard to do.

We raise our own chickens for eggs- more than we can eat in fact. They free range most of the time, controlling our bugs and a lot of the weeds that do manage to come up as well as cutting down our feed bill and making the eggs healthier.

I try to stock up, but it's hard when it takes every penny we have jjust to buy food for a family this size for one week. "penny wise and pound (dollar) foolish" because we have no other choice.

I am praying about it though. God is good and does take care of His people.

On another note, I have posted that my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It is spreading fast and she starts chemo this week. Please keep us in your prayers.

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