Thursday, May 22, 2014

This woman wants to change how we look at our bodies

This woman wants to change how we look at our bodies

My Hubby regularly reads Ann Landers. He finds it totally unfathamable that so many women say things like "My body is ugly since I had a baby and all my husband wants to do is have sex." He says obviously she's wrong about her body being ugly or he wouldn't be wanting to have sex, now, would he?

But then I turn the tables on him. We discuss a certain celebrity who is larger than average, who has perfect arteries, is strong as an ox, and in every way appears healthy. Hubby says "but he's still fat." Yes, dear. But all indicators are that he is just larger than Hollywood says he is supposed to be; not actually unhealthy in anyway. 

Ladies, we have bought into the billions of dollars a year weightloss industry propaganda for much too long.

NO ONE has a perfect body, but all our bodies are beautiful. There is not a connection between weight and helath, as is commonly taught. What little there is says that being underweight is VERY unhealthy. But overweight? Meh.

The studies used to trick us into doing dangerous things to our bodies to make them go away did not control for poverty. Once economics are factored in the weight/health connection disappears.

So quit giving your money to manipulators in the weight-loss industry and start enjoying your life. God made some people little and some big and all people beautiful.

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