Wednesday, May 07, 2014

School Choice: Whether, Why, How? | Cato Unbound

School Choice: Whether, Why, How? | Cato Unbound


This is what I was saying just a couple of days ago; let every parent choose what is best for each child. If we must, we can give them vouchers, but let them choose.

Our current set up assumes all children are the same, just like cars off the assembly line. THEY ARE NOT!

Some kids need more recess time than others.

Some need more music lessons than others.

Some need more freedom, some more structure.

Some more electronics, some less.

And not all parents have the same wants and needs for their children's education.

Some need longer school hours to accomatate their work schedule.

Some need the absolute minimum.

Some want there child prepared for college, some for being business owners.

And our current system is set up so the squeakiest wheel wins. If the atheists are the loudest, there will be no God in school (current situation). If the Christians are the loudest their will be. If the Muslims are loudest, the girls will be shrouded. If the Buddists are, there will be meditation. This devides communities and creates enemies.

My Wicca neighbor is no threat to me what so ever. We get along just great, each expressing our own reasons for our beliefs when it comes up, but otherwise we are just neighbors.

Now if we both had children in the same schools with no choice to pull our kids, we become threats to each other. Either my kids will be taught her religion or hers will be taught mine, depending on who can throw the biggest tissy fit. With real educational freedom, my kids are sent to a Christian school and hers to a Wiccan one (actually, hers are grown and mine homeschooled, but we are talking theories here).

What we have today is a communist educational system. What we need is a free one.

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