Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother Accuses Doctors of Forcing a C-Section and Files Suit -

Mother Accuses Doctors of Forcing a C-Section and Files Suit -

So let me get this straight; if the mom wanted to hire a man to cut her baby's arms and legs and head off, that is her right because she has the basic human right to control her own body. But if she simply wants to give birth naturally, now suddenly she has no right to control her body?

The baby was not in distress. There was no danger. Yet the doctor forced himself on this woman. In any other circumstances we would call this assault with a deadly weapon.

And even if the baby was in distress...

If my son's kidneys quit working, would it be OK for a doctor to force my Hubby into the OR and take his kidney against his will? Of course not! Yet somehow it's ok to violate a mom's body and will for her child.

Now, Hubby would willing die for his kids. And the vast majority of mom's wouldn't hesitate to have surgery to save their baby. But the fact is that doctors are human and and make mistakes. When it boils right down to it, the human whose body will suffer the side affects of the surgery is the one who should make this call. Not some doctor who will never see the mom or baby again.

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